12 Types of Drill Bit

You will come across a time when you will have to drill a hole somewhere for all the people out there. There are some things you should know first so that you do not mess up for drilling a hole.

These points are not very important but a good point of view from an expert for a noob. These tips and tricks will help you to do the drilling easily and are found by top drill bit suppliers

No variety needed

You can drill a hole with any twist bit as long as you are doing general drilling. There is no need to buy fancy twist bits of different metals. A general drill bit is manufactured to drill through a variety of surfaces in our day to day lives.

Materials such as wood, metal, concrete, plastics, and many more are found in your daily lives. The most economical twist bits you can purchase from the market are made of high-speed steel, and they are perfect for most of the surfaces as well as for your pocket.

But if you are thinking to drill in metals such as steel, you may have to upgrade the drill. Some drills come with a special coating of titanium nitride, which is believed to have heat resistant properties.


When your drill is running, any smallest fragment, if you went inside, your eyes can cause severe damage. Always wear protective goggles to reduce the risk of losing the eye.

Mark the Area

Drills tend to run here and there when drilled. This may result in reducing precision and can ruin the entire work. To reduce the risk, mark the area on which you want to drill a hole. You can make a small cross or a dot in which you can make a small dent with a nail so that the drill doesn’t wander around.


When you are drilling into a steel block of 1/8 inches or thicker. Then you will need proper lubrication to run the drill smoothly and to make it last longer. You can use drilling oil or water. Lubrication not only increases the life of drill but also make the drill holes perfect.

Using Clamps

Never try to be hulk. Never hold the metal you are drilling with one hand and start drilling with the other hand. This can lead to the spinning of the metal, and it can harm you to death. Always use the clamps to hold the metal instead of being hulk and holding it yourself.

Start Small Go Big

If you want a big hole, then instead of starting directly with the big twist bit, you should start small. This will make space for the bigger twist bit to make a place in the hole and make it bigger more efficiently.

Clean the Hole

When your hole is ready, always remember to remove the metal burrs from the hole. These burrs can start the rusting if left untreated, and also they don’t look good. You can use any deburring tools available in the market, but you can also run you drill over the burrs gently, which will make them vanish into thin air.

Hole Saws

If you are drilling a big hole, then hole saws can help you ease your work. Just like twist bits, the hole saws fit into the drilling machine and pierce through thin sheets of metal like aluminum.

Drilling Speed

Try to drill at a slower speed. If you try to drill a hole with more rpm, it will generate more heat, which will destroy the twist bit and increase the expense.

Try Sandwiches

If you are drilling into a metal sheet, put it between two wood slabs just like a sandwich. And then put it in the clamp and start drilling. These wood bars will keep the metal in place and make a perfect drill hole.

Step Bits

Step bits are designed to drill holes in metal sheets, which are perfect and smooth. They come in various sizes. You may choose your preferred size.

Drill Press

If you are more into drilling metal sheets, you can use a drill press to make perfect and smooth drill holes without much noise and effort.

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