Affordable Methods to Increase Attention for your Business

Custom printed boxes are an affordable and efficient way to improve your business brand, draw attention, and aid customers easily identify your goods. Consider the last product you bought online. Chances are it was an attractive custom printed box which contained the merchant or brand logo that let you know your product was on display before you even opened it. The same thing can happen when a customer arrives at your store. Receiving a custom box with your logo on it is a great way to not only visually recognize your store but also to reinforce your message about quality and convenience.

As you can see, printed boxes serve as an excellent medium for conveying your message and brand. But they are not all created equal. In order for your box to function efficiently, your custom packaging needs to address three important issues: its shape, its size, and its material. Let’s examine these key issues one at a time to get a better idea of how to make effective custom printed packaging.

Shape Shapes – Standard printed boxes come in many shapes and sizes. They can be round, square, rectangular, triangular, or any number of other shapes. Cardboard boxes (also known as corrugated cardboard) are perhaps the most versatile shape available. However, corrugated cardboard has limited dimensional stability and is therefore best suited for only very small items such as CDs or DVDs.

Size and Material – Printed boxes come in a variety of sizes and materials. All have a certain amount of weakness to them such as weaknesses in their box style. Box style refers to the overall size, shape, and weight of your product. Small products, on the other hand, should be manufactured using standard box style but larger items such as CD’s or DVDs require custom printed boxes with extra support for extra strength and durability.

Material – Printed packaging materials include paper, cardboard, PVC, plastic, and other materials. Cardboard boxes are the easiest to produce due to their high density and low cost. However, high density and low cost mean low quality. For this reason, cardboard boxes are typically not made of high-quality paper. When it comes to high impact packaging, cardboard boxes often outshine other packaging printing methods such as flexographic printing because they offer greater impact resistant properties.

With so many companies competing for consumer dollars, it is critical that your company stands out above and beyond competitors by being able to market your product in an innovative, cost-effective manner. Offset printing offers many companies the ability to utilize inexpensive printing methods in order to create customized printed boxes and other products that meet every design and production need. For this reason, many companies use offset printing to promote their brands in a cost-effective manner.

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