Are All Kindergarten Schools the Same?

This is a question that many parents ask, and the short answer is no. While every school will follow a curriculum, which might be from the UK or US, the way they deliver the content can vary greatly. Each school would have their own ideas about how learning best occurs, and to discover that information, take a look at the school’s vision and mission statements – statements that define their concepts – which help you to gain a better understanding.

Learner Centered Approach

This is proven to be the most effective early learning environment, and BASIS curriculum schools adopt this principle, which allows the learners to have a say in what they learn about. This ensure a high level of interest in the content, and the children are actively encouraged to voice their opinions on all aspects of their learning.

School Visits

When looking at suitable schools, it is important to book a tour (don’t simply turn up) and the principal would show you around and invite you to sit in on an activity, which allows you to see how the kids interact with their teachers. Prepare a few questions to ask the principal, about the daily program and things like field trips and the rules to follow, and if your child has any special interests, they should be conveyed to the school.

Consider the Future

Changing schools can be traumatic for a young child, so look for a kindergarten school that runs through to the end of Year 4, as this allows your child to form strong relationships and by minimising the number of school changes, you are helping your child. This means your son or daughter can remain at the same school for around 6 years, before moving onto middle and high school.

Fun Based Curriculum

Young children should not be exposed to academic learning, at least until they enter the 12 years of formal education, which allows development of creativity and imagination, both essential aspects of human development. The kids should be encouraged to express themselves in many ways; art, dance, drama and movement should all be practiced and the children should be free to explore their talents in a controlled manner.

International Programs

If you live in Thailand or another non-English speaking country, it is vital that your child grasps English at a young age and the only way to achieve that is to enroll them in an international program. Using the language on a daily basis results in rapid development, and with professional teachers from the US, you can be sure of the right accent.

Every school has unique qualities and the only way to discover what they are is to carry out some online research and then book a tour of the school.


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