Discuss These Aspects Before Selecting A Digital Marketing Agency!

There are just too many companies promising great things about digital marketing. Unfortunately, only a few can deliver. When it comes to branding and marketing, you don’t want to take chances, and therefore, it is wise to do some initial groundwork before choosing one among digital marketing agencies Singapore. Here are the basic aspects you must discuss about.

Ask about their service profile

Some digital marketing agencies focus on SEO and SEM, while others also specialize in lead generation, email marketing, and other things like social media marketing and Google ads. Find a company that’s comprehensive and can take care of your entire online marketing campaign.

Know their team

Just reviewing the work and projects of an agency is not enough. You will be surprised to know that many companies actually outsource their work to offshore cheap services. Make sure that you are aware of the team that’s working on your project and insist on having at least one point of contact. The team should be readily accessible for queries.

Be specific with the budget

If you have established the marketing mix, the next step is to discuss the budget. For SEO alone, you don’t have to pay more than a nominal amount every month, but for paid marketing via social media ads and PPC, you need to discuss the budget and put a cap. Allow the marketing agency to have some leverage, but be specific with your spending.

Get references

Credibility is easily the most important factor for selecting a digital marketing agency, and you have to verify if they have the experience they claim. Always ask for references, and discuss their recent projects at length. Find more about their top clients and if they have some experience in your industry.

Ask for estimates and proposals to compare digital marketing agencies now!

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