Enhance the Power of Selenium Using These Tips

The API of Selenium Web Drivers is a python binding. For instance, you can access conveniently the Web drivers of API of Selenium and enhance the power of Selenium such as Chrome, Firefox, PhantomJS, etc.

This module may be used to trigger the actions to be performed on a web browser. This is possible by clicking the websites buttons, navigating through pages, scrolling, and typing some input, submitting forms, executing javascripts, using proxies, and lots more. All these can be done using Python script. Here are a few tips:

Tip No 1: No loading of images while crawling websites

Talking about the scripts that are automated means you run it thousands of times in each second. Most modern websites feature a lot of images. With the loading of page, selenium loads elements including the images.

Hence, even if there is less or no interaction with the images as you test the functionalities of the website, Selenium does load them. The best is there are ways about loading pages in Selenium without loading the images and the codes are with Chromedriver and phantomjs webdriver.

Tip No: 2 Use Disk Cache to Scrape Websites

Catching assets leads to speedy page loads. In the web browser, catching the disk reduces the time of page loading. Taking the benefit of this, you can set the configuration even before the web driver Selenium initialization. This helps in storing the website assets such as js, Css, to load faster in the disk storage. Thus, you load for the same website multiple pages.

Note: As you automate tests, you should not cache assets on the data that you wish to test. In case you are testing the data featuring a dynamic website, data gets loaded employing the Javascript and the disk cache may make the tests obsolete.

Tip No: 3 Scrolling can be done using Javascript

Interacting with page elements implies clicking on buttons, this is done if the element is not visible while you are looking in the view port. This is because Selenium lifts an exception alerting that the element is not visible. It is best to use Javascript to scroll the element so that it offers you to view, then to wait for the using time to sleep, Thus the scroll effect disappears. And, the trigger is simple.

Tip No: 4 Scrolling items down using Select

Select element using various options and locate the select using driver. Filter each and find appropriate option. Make it visible and the selenium has Select class helping to do the task in an easier way.

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