ERP Implementation Process Steps

ERP means Enterprise Resource Planning. It’s integrated software for those business processes from the organization. ERP has two major parts – software and it is implementation. ERP software can be bought by enterprise resource planning companies and implementation can be achieved by ERP Company or ERP vendor ERP vendor provides ERP services and consultancy towards the organizations.

Before implementation of the enterprise resource planning system organization must take consultancy by skillfully developed. ERP implementation is very essential for the business, but applying effectively is really a major challenge and organization should have proper guide for that implementation. If a person has unsuccessful to create proper blueprint for that implementation, the likelihood of failure implementation is going to be high.

ERP implementation process ought to be divided in steps. Major focus ought to be on pre-implementation readiness work, implementation project management software and continuous improvement of business systems. During the time of making arrange for implementation organization needs to consider the long run growth and technology changes.

Here implementation steps are divided in 8 phase month a good idea to organize project data and manage change. It supports complex implementation. Some organization might have quite simple process or typical processes. For those kind of organization these pre-implementation, implementation, and improvement plan are important.

At first from the project i.e. first month, you need to establish and make preparations project sources and control structure. In addition to this top level visioning planning and overview of guidelines ought to be done by top management. Within the next phase which starts from second or third month, you need to conduct detailed business process mapping to recognize the space. It will take 2 to 3 several weeks based on your business processes. In this phase you are able to develop selected business process objectives and specifications for enterprise resource planning implementation.

Following the detailed process mapping and SRS (system requirement study) study, align the specs for implementation using the business software being implemented with selected vendor. Within the next phase you may make plan together with vendor for implementation. Give implementation charge to project manager one project manager should from vendor side and something form your organization. Both of these managers will result in whole enterprise resource planning project. Within the next phase project is going to be implemented as well as in the ultimate phase migrate remaining ways to be based on enterprise resource planning software. It will require 3-4 several weeks time.

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