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Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are the unique cryptographic tokens that can exist on a blockchain. Before starting to invest, it is important to know that since it cannot be replicated, it is the most profitable and popular digital asset. These tokens represent possession of items of the real world such as music, memes, video clips, art, etc. One of the profitable coins of NFTs is APE or ApeCoin. It is another successful project, and as per the developing team, Ape Token will be unparallel to the popular projects NFT. However, let us take a deeper insight into this particular topic in this article. 

About Cardano Apes 

Cardano Apes NFT is the first and foremost project of the Cardano platform that combines both 3D assets and NFTs; as the team revealed their efforts to the public, the wider community of Cardano has been extraordinarily empowering, which inspired the team even more. In this platform, female monkeys and baby monkeys can be bred to form new monkeys. It also hosts a marketplace of NFT on its website that allows the users to select multiple verified projects in a sidebar. This is done to assure that the users are not buying any copycat or fake NFTs. Along with that, non-verified NFTs can also be searched by the users if they prefer to do so. 

The virtual world of Cardano Apes NFT

This platform is a browser-based Metaverse and for which a gaming computer is not required. It provides a unique experience of playing with the monkeys and nurturing them. Users can avail of various methods of earning and models for development with unique terrains, and their construction items are available such as Volcano, Desert, and Tropical Island. Furthermore, providing earning ability to all Cardano Ape NFTs by using banana utility token, ape point system, etc., is an extremely innovative feature that can be enjoyed on this platform.

Apart from that, the Cardano Apes platform desires to implement a function termed “creator royalties,” where 2.5% of each sold NFT is directly distributed to the original art creator. To make use of it, the creators must sign up for this program and send their addresses to this platform. It is assumed that this service fee for the platform is not an extra charge and gets deducted from the sale price. It is distributed by the platform Cardano Apes to the verified art creator of that NFT. 

Final Thoughts

Finally, it can be concluded that with the help of investors and risk-takers, who believes it to be a reliable platform for investing in the earlier stage, the ape community has grown up to this size. There are various innovative features that are already deployed in this Metaverse platform, and users are enjoying the same. But there is a much longer list of more features that are under process and needs development. This Cardano Apes NFT platform wants to break the ground with unique features by introducing something different which has not been done before.

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