Science: Curse Or Blessing?

The conceptual satisfaction of one is achieved through religion, philosophy and finer literature. Nevertheless the practical satisfaction of human needs is satisfied through technology, fundamental and advanced. Science may be the understanding that bridges the space between conceptual and practical fulfillment of diverse human needs. Additionally, science gives authenticity to non secular, philosophical, literary and technological works. It rectifies the deficiencies of.

The term, science originated in the Latin word ‘Scientia’ meaning ‘Knowledge’.Thus it’s the understanding achieved through practices and studies about nature and world. Also anything that may be described in mathematical terms is known as science. When there wasn’t any science we’d conjectural and obscure understanding about things and occasions. Scientists are those who have expert understanding about science they explore material things and then try to determine patterns and rules to describe what they’re and just how they work.

I believe, science could be mentioned like a blessing but additionally a curse. This will depend on two factors first, how people use and consider it (individuals who think and employ science negatively may take a hit negatively but people thinking and taking advantage of it positively may take a hit positively). It is now significant that those who are affected negatively by science may refer it as being a curse but those who are affected positively may acknowledge it a blessing. Quite simply, it’s our mentality and approach that makes it a blessing or perhaps a curse. Second, whenever a bad leader stimulates engineers or pseudo scientists towards horrible inventions from science that is dangerous for all of us and society, people condition science a curse but later whenever a good leader motivates engineers towards liveable technology which saves us and society from dreadful inventions, people refer science a blessing. Thus it’s the group of the recently inventions which enthuse/despair people towards science, whether it’s a curse or perhaps a blessing.

Practically, there are lots of pros and cons for science. Many people use science inappropriately and incorrectly, this wrong utilization of science may be the sole reason which creates disadvantages of science nevertheless its benefits are immeasurable. I believe, the greatest benefit of science is, it provides concrete and coordinated understanding about things and occasions. Following this, science provides basis to technology which solves our numerous problems and offers ease to all of us in various situations of existence. Technologies are the gathering of tools, including machinery, modifications, plans and operations utilized by humans. Quite simply, anything which provides advantages to humanity is known as technology and technologies are the end result of science. Also Edward Teller stated the science nowadays may be the technology of tomorrow.

When we check out the disadvantages of science, we have seen, sometimes people prepare dreadful things from it incorrectly, for instance, science provides bases to dangerous weapons, etc. Without doubt that science gives concrete understanding about everything but sometime scientists give inappropriate comments on religious facts, i.e., about God and existence after dying. Greatest drawback to technology, the kind of science is it pulls us from people, self and nature. Also sometimes technologies have bad effects to the atmosphere, e.g., vehicles and factories cause pollution the primary reason of climatic change.

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