Sun Direct Recharge – How To Do It Safely?

We are all today aware of the pros and cons of online payment. When you start with your Sun Direct recharge using the online method, your reasons for choosing the online method would be:-

  • Online payments are simple and straightforward.
  • They are processed at lightning speed.
  • They are comfortable and take away all the uneasiness associated with manual payment of bills.
  • They are safe and secure.
  • When done using the site or App of an online payment aggregator like Paytm, MobiKwik or PhonePe, you get additional benefit of enjoying some attractive discounts and cashbacks.

No doubt the digital medium is proving to be of great help to the common man. There are some cons too and one of the main ones is about the security aspect. Online Sun direct recharge is surely safer than using manual methods of cash payment and collection. It is also better and more efficient than the system of cheque and DD payment.

What is essential is that we, as consumers, should understand as to what is happening behind the back! Meaning what is that transpires behind-the-scene, at the backend when you sit down to do your Sun direct recharge.

When you fill in your payment preference and details and submit the information for an online transaction, a payment gateway sitting in between the service provider and the customer oversees the entire transaction. It will fetch information and authorization from your respective payment system – banks in case of debit card and Netbanking; credit card account in case of credit card; and your virtual wallet in case of e-wallet payment mechanism and transmit the same to the service provider’s bank account. The entire mechanism is facilitated by software programs and the better the programs are, more efficient will be the process.

The entire process wherein the payment gateway performs all this checking, verifying and updating does not take more than few seconds; which is why online transactions are fast. Payment gateways are made stronger and robust by reliable gateway companies but there are always a miniscule chance that your sensitive data gets leaked from the software and the associated network. Though the information that is being exchanged between the banks and the gateway during Sun direct recharge is encrypted, tokenized and compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), there are always chances of fraud. Of course, companies do spend crores of money every year to fortify the payment system, but is it always better on your part, as a consumer to use safe and tried methods to make your online payments. Try and use your credit card and/or e-wallet for online transactions. Always make sure that the payment is done from a location that is private and does not have too many people walking in and out. Best is to make online payments from the safety of your home or office. Abstain from using publicly available free Wi-Fi that most of are eager to use. It is safe for browsing, checking mails and updating statuses online but not for the purpose of conducting financial transactions.

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