The Benefits of Holding an Annual General Meeting Online

An annual general meeting, also known as a corporate event or a shareholders meeting, is a special meeting of the corporation’s general membership where all company officers, and sometimes some key managers and key management, will participate in an informal get-together.

 It is a time for the corporation to evaluate and discuss changes that have taken place within the business and to make strategic decisions.

It also is a time for sharing information with other corporation personnel on projects and issues facing the company that are of importance to the company and the community at large.

Often the benefits of AGM webcast is that the entire board will participate in the webcast. So, not only do people hear what is discussed during the actual meeting, but they also get to hear it live!

The benefits of live AGM webcasting are many. It provides a higher level of credibility and a more robust general meeting. The company gets to show what the company is doing, what it has been doing, how long it has been in operation and what plans it is currently planning to take.

By webcasting a company’s general meeting, investors can be assured that the corporation is doing what it is intended to do.

Another benefit of a company holding a webcast is that it can help disseminate information about its activities. Investors who can see the webcast will have greater knowledge of the company and it will be easier for them to understand and assess the worth of the company. Webcasts also give the public a chance to ask questions.

By allowing the company to answer questions live through a live webcast, investors are given a better chance to have their questions answered quickly and efficiently by the corporation.

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