It is a sad fact that many secondary schools these days struggle to provide their pupils with the individual attention they need and deserve to fully realise their potential. Unsurprisingly, many more parents are now investing in home tuition to support their children’s education. As well as providing uninterrupted one-to-one learning opportunities, home tuition can also provide secondary school children with several other unique benefits.


Exclusive attention

Unlike at school, a child does not have to compete for the attention of their teacher when they are receiving home tuition. This exclusivity doesn’t just make a child feel engaged, it also enables them to make the most of every learning opportunity and develop their academic skills at a time when they really need to.

Conducive teaching

One of the best things about personal tutoring is that the tutor can adapt their teaching style to best suit the needs of the child they are tutoring. This is in complete contrast to a classroom environment where children normally have to make the most of their teacher’s ‘one size fits all’ approach to teaching large groups.


Another great benefit of home tuition is that it offers parents a great deal of flexibility. Indeed, it can be used as a constant year round addition to a child’s regular schooling or as a short term ‘hit’ to help pass exams or prepare for an entrance test. Moreover, home tuition can also be used selectively to work on a child’s weaker subjects as well as provide assistance with issues like dyslexia.

Focus on success

Home tuition can help to provide a child with some much needed focus when they are about to take important exams. Obviously, A level and O level tuition can be of particular importance in this respect as these exam grades largely determine the path of a child’s academic career.

Engendering confidence & motivation

Home tutoring can open up children to a far more enthusiastic and engaging relationship with the subjects they are studying. As well as encouraging greater academic success, this kind of positive learning experience can help to build a child’s confidence and increase their motivation.

Long-term benefits

The greater understanding and subject comprehension that comes from home tuition can help a child to lead to achieve a fuller and more rounded education. Obviously, this can have profound long-term benefits as a comprehensive education is often the springboard to a successful and fulfilling career in later life.

Quite simply, the extra focus and tailored attention of specialised O Level and A Level tuition can be a decisive factor in ensuring a child enjoys positive learning experiences and achieves successful exam grades. Certainly, no other learning option can help a secondary school child to gain as much from their mainstream educational activities and fulfil their academic potential as home tuition.

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