The US Solar Industry Is On The Rise

The state of the US solar industry is on the rise and power generation in the United States is now favoring options like wind, solar and nuclear power over oil and gas as well as coal. In the United States, the solar industry employs over 242,000 people as generating tens of billions of dollars in economic value. In states like California, over half of the demand for power is met by solar energy and as we make solar panels more efficient it’s likely that we will be able to generate a larger percentage of US electricity with solar energy.

It’s estimated by the year 2050 that PV solar energy is going to be one of the fastest-growing forms of renewable energy in the world. As the technology behind solar cells improves, we may start to see more states generating excess solar energy and finding new ways to keep energy generation with solar cells more efficient.

The total number of solar cells installed in the United States has doubled over the last five years and most of this comes from the incentives of grid-tied solar systems. California and Texas offered a series of serious incentives for taxpayers and it’s estimated that the technology is only going to come down in its price point making it a more attractive option for many homeowners throughout the United States in the future.

Making solar energy a more attractive option also improves the scope of jobs and solar energy across the United States. As solar is installed in more locations, we can see a higher demand in the job market for manufacturing and installation employment. Improvements to energy storage systems also ensure that the output of solar energy can be saved across the grid with greater efficiency. This type of battery technology will require manufacturing and even more job creation.

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