Three Year Bachelor Degree Programs with a Difference

It can be a real challenge to find the right degree program at the best of times, as there are so many universities and colleges, all offering great BA courses. If you are a non-native English speaker, this makes things even more complicated, and with a desire to improve your language skills, you are advised to look for something with an international flavour.

International BA Courses

If you are looking for an international course (เรียน อินเตอร์ in Thai) that offers the chance to study at a prestigious UK university of your choosing, there are such programs available in Thailand, and an online search will help you to source a well-known college of further education that has affiliations with top UK universities. This would typically involve studying for one of the three years at a UK university and that has many benefits, such as giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the target language, which 12 months of living in the UK would definitely give you.

Get Ahead of the Pack

Once you have finished your BA program, you will enter the job market, along with thousands of other hopefuls, all looking for the best positions. If you have graduated from a program that is affiliated with a prestigious UK university, this will look very impressive in your resume, and potential employers will find this a very attractive quality.

English Fluency

Every non-native speaker wants to achieve a level of fluency with English, and without actually visiting an English speaking country, this can be very difficult, if not impossible. If you enrol in a 3-year program that includes a 12-month stint living and studying in the UK, your language proficiency will receive a much-needed boost. This type of program is not only affordable, it brings many advantages that include seeing a vast improvement in your spoken English, which is a big plus when looking for a suitable career.

Critical Thinking Skills

One thing you will surely develop when studying in a UK university is critical thinking skills, as the system of learning in a British university is designed to make the students problem solve and analyse information. There is much less traditional classroom lecturing, and the program focuses on projects that are designed to introduce you to real life problems, something you will encounter in the real world.

The Social Aspects of Studying Abroad

Many foreign students stay with English families while studying in the UK and this really does improve your general level of English communication, and then there are the many friends that you will make, and with English as the language of communication, your language abilities will really develop during your 12-month stay.

Boost your Career Opportunities

When Thai companies are looking at potential employees’ resumes, those that have graduated from a prestigious UK university will be automatically put to one side, and providing you present yourself well during the interview, you are likely to be successful in your quest to find the right employment.

If you would like to explore the potential that a 3-year BA international program offers, a Google search will help you to find the right college, and your career will receive a boost.

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