What Are the Main Objectives of an Early Learning Program?

If you are soon to be sending your child to kindergarten, it is perfectly natural to want to know a little about early years education, especially as your child will spend 2-3 years at such an institution. Of course, a kindergarten program should be a safe and secure place for your child to explore the world around them, yet they should have firm learning objectives, and with that in mind, here are some of the main objectives that an early learning program would strive to achieve.

  • Physical Development – Growing children need the right kind of physical exercise, and the kindergarten program would have daily dance and movement activities that are designed to work all the major muscle groups. If you need to send your child to a kindergarten in Bangkok, make sure that they focus on physical development. There would be activities that involve delicate finger use, which helps the kids to develop coordination, and with the emphasis on fun, the children would be encouraged to be physically active. Dancing is always a popular way to start the day and this helps to prepare the growing body for the rigours of the day, and most early learning program will have a morning dance and exercise routine.
  • Essential Social Skills – The first 2 or 3 years of school should be the time when children learn how to interact with others, while also understanding that every person should be treated equally. Good manners are established during the first two years of schooling, and the teachers are always perfect role models for the right behaviour. The children learn to respect others’ property, along with values such as kindness and compassion, which are very important.
  • Developing Creativity and Imagination – The first 7 years are called the formative years and if creativity and imagination are not developed in that time, the child will be at a distinct disadvantage in later life. Art would be a major activity and comes in many forms, while storytelling should be a daily thing, as this stimulates young minds.
  • To Develop a Love of Learning – It is vital that a young child enjoys learning, as this will stay with them and self-learning will play a vital role in their further education. If a young child is immersed in heavy classroom learning, they very often develop a dislike for school and this will certainly affect academic performance. Children that love to learn actively seek out new knowledge, and with a kindergarten program that is fun-based, the children quickly develop a love of learning that will remain with them throughout their lives.

When looking for a suitable kindergarten program, start with an online search, then browse the websites and take note of each school’s vision and mission statement, as this outlines their ideas on early learning strategies.

Some early learning programs focus more on classroom learning than fun-based activities, and this can be a little too much for young children, who are happier with a fun-based hands-on approach.

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