What to Know About SAS Ceilings

One of the most popular manufacturers of metal ceiling tiles is SAS International. They are known for their design, innovation, and quality. They are manufactured in the UK, and they make several different options that people can choose. They are commonly used in commercial offices, retail spaces, schools, and healthcare offices, and there are different systems that work well in a range of situations.

SAS System 120

The most popular product is the SAS system 120. This was the first system of SAS ceilings that they offered, and it is still widely used. It is a standard metal clip in the ceiling, which is also called a spring tree ceiling. It fits together by pushing the tiles up from the underside, and they clip into the grid. They are a good choice in rooms that have frequent cleaning, and they are economical in places that require void access. They are most popular in healthcare facilities and restaurants.

SAS System 130

The SAS System 130 ceiling is constructed similarly to a mineral fibre ceiling. This ceiling system has main runners and cross trees that have openings where these tiles are placed. It usually has a brighter white framework that is designed to match the metal tiles. They can come with a flush or a tegular-finish metal ceiling. It is quick and easy to mount and dismount the tiles, which gives easy access to the ceiling void.

In addition, this ceiling system easily integrates with partitioning, which makes it simple to install them. It can form an airtight seal for spaces that need moisture control and air management, and it is frequently used in labs, data centres, and commercial offices.

SAS System 150

Another option is the SAS System 150. This is another clip in ceiling, but it has a hinge down feature. You will be able to access the void more easily, and you won’t need to remove the entire tile. This helps to prevent damage to the tiles.

These tiles pivot and slide inside of the grid, which reduces any damage. They are a great option in spaces that need maintenance frequently, and you can install clips to restrict void access for added security.

SAS System 330

If you are looking for a versatile metal ceiling for high end applications, the SAS System 330 is the right choice. It is a profile suspended ceiling, but it is available as a tartan or linear-grid form, and the ceiling tiles can come in different sizes, shapes, and finishes. They can offer complete void access, service integration, and lighting integration. You can also integrate signage and partitioning.

Final Words

The SAS ceiling systems offer a number of different metal tile ceiling solutions for different types of commercial space.

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