GET Electric: The Top Provider Of EV Charging Stations

The uptake of electric vehicles is steadily rising in Australia and GET Electric has played a big part in promoting the adoption of electric vehicles. Most people prefer electric vehicles due to zero emissions, no waste materials, no noise pollution and low running costs compared to petrol and diesel models. 

GET Electric provides electric vehicle charging stations to thousands of Australians who had earlier cited difficulties in finding charging stations and longer charging times as the key challenges which prevented them from purchasing and transporting electric vehicles

GET Electric has made it possible to safely charge electric vehicles by installing EV charging stations across Australia for both residential and commercial properties. Our residential EV chargers are ultrafast and compatible with solar homes too and save you time as you can leave the car charging overnight as you sleep. 

If you are looking for professionals to install electric charging stations for your property, then GET Electric should be your first call. In just two weeks, you will have a fully functioning EV charging point ready for use. 

Commercial business owners in Australia need to take advantage of the EV charging station installation by GET Electric to acquire and retain customers who will need to use the charging points. They don’t need to worry about managing the commercial charging points manually as GET Electric has made online monitoring and control possible. 

How Do Electric Vehicle Owners Use The Chargers? 

It is pretty simple, download the GETapp and add your credit card. Plug in your car and scan the QR code on the charger screen to begin the charging process.  The units are pay-per-use, so payment is made after one completes charging their electric vehicle. 

Why You Should Consider GET Electric For Your EV Installations

  • We only need the utmost two weeks from site inspection and site design to give you a finished product.
  • EV chargers are made from quality materials and components that assure you of durability. 
  • EV chargers are compatible with your smart and solar homes. 
  • Commercial business owners can customize the payment tariffs and monitor charging points remotely or on-site. 
  • Using the GET Electric app, electric vehicle users are able to view their charging history which helps them make informed decisions on charging frequencies when travelling for long distances. They are also able to view EV charging stations near them using the map. 

The GET Electric system is designed by a team of automotive experts and software engineers hence we assure the public of safety whenever they are using our EV charging points all over Australia. The EV charging points are monitored by an on-site 24-7 service team in case one needs help.

We are also keen on protecting building infrastructure by checking the energy demand from electric vehicles and the ability of buildings to supply the energy to all EV charging points using automatic load management. 

Contact us today for all your EV charging needs. Whether for your residential or commercial property, we are at your service.

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